INVISIBLE WOMAN. Sculpture made of wood.

This sculpture has been created with an assemblage of painted pieces of wood, a metal cercle and  old iron pieces.  Size : 53 x 39 x10'5cm

THE SUN KEEPS ITS BALANCE. Abstract painting

                                     Acrylic painting on card.  Size : 26'5 x 42cm


                                        Acrylic painting on card.  Size : 40 x 50cm

LOOKING AT THE MOON. Sculpture made of iron and wood.

This assemblage has been made with a round iron piece from machineri (the face). several old iron pieces, paper collage on wood, and the base is also a piece made of wood painted with oil.
Size : 57'5 x 32 x7'5cm

CROSS-ROADS Abstract painting

                                             Acrylic painting on card.  Size : 40 x 28cm   

AN OCHRE CLOUD IN A BLUE SKY. Un núvol ocre en un cel de blaus

                                           Oil on wood.  Size :  48 x48cm

TRUE LEGEND. Recycled art

This assemblage has been made with different pieces of old iron. The base is a collage of painted papers on a piece of wood.  Size : 45 x 38 x 20cm

LET ME BE ME. Sculpture with iron and wood

I have created this sculpture with a scrap wrench, different pieces of metal and iron and painted card.  The support and the face are made of wood.  Size : 62 x 20 x 10cm.