KNIGHT WARRIOR. Recycled art.

 I have created this assemblage with an old wind vane, a piece of iron strip and painted cardboards.  Size  :  50x17x14 cm.

DROUGHT Sequia. Recycled art

 I have created this assemblage with an old tap, a pebble and old iron pieces.  Size : 30x29x10 cm.

LONELY MAN. Art with found objects

I have created this assemblage with an iron trap, different painted papers and pieces of wood.  Size : 46 x 26 x 9cm.



 This  collage has been made with a wooden folding ruler on a cardboard acrylic painting. Size :  60x43 cm. 

TIME IS ON MY SIDE. Recycled art

 I have created this assemblage with a special piece of wood, iron, different metals and a painted circle.  Size : 55 x 20 x 9 cm.

LOUISIANA. Sculpture on wood

esculputre, female, human rights

I have created this sculpture thinking of African slaves that suffered  exploitation and abuse  in the South of USA long time ago.  However, this haven't changed much because slavery still persists nowadays, in the 21st century.

The face of the woman is a shovel and has old pieces of iron.  The column is made of wood and painted with oils.  Size :  172 x 17 x 8 cm.