COSMIC MELODY. Recycled art

 I have created this assemblage with 3 painted pieces of cardboard, pieces of iron and wood.  

Size : 36 x 36 x 9cm.


                         Acrylic on cardboard.  Size :  49 x 35cm.

IMPOSED SILENCE. Sculpture with found objects

 I have created this assemblage with iron strip, a piece of metal, an old hoe and rope. Size : 44 x 19 x 3'5cm.

LIGHTNING. Abstract art

                                        Acrylic on cardboard.  Size : 42 x 30cm

E.T.WOMAN. Assemblage art

I have created this assemblage with a shovel and different pieces of old iron. The support is made of wood painted with acrylics.  Size :54 x 19 x10cm. 

UKRAINE TEARS. Recycled art.

Ukraine Tears

This "assemblage" has been created with a sickle, a small flat stone, rope and wood. Size : 44 x 22 x10cm.


Peacefull Feeling

 Abstract composition.  Acrylic on paper.  Size : 50 x 50cm

LET THE SUNSHINE IN. Recycled iron art.

Let The Sunshine In

 This sculpture has been created with different pieces of iron from machinery.  Size: 34 x 38 x 9cm.